Inside a fulfillment and logistics company with Kaleb Mondragon

Inside a fulfillment and logistics company with Kaleb Mondragon

How do you choose a marketplace cart for your offer? 

Some key aspects when selecting a platform for your offer. 

What you WANT your platform to do: 

Sometimes marketers just want the processing aspect of an online cart, while others want a complete suite that offers a range of services. Often, platforms cater to particular pieces or needs, IGNORING customers who are looking for a variety of services, functions, and integrations. If you have an idea of something you want, request a demo with these things in mind.

What you NEED your platform to do: 

If you are only offering a small-scale campaign, you don’t need as robust a platform that will support your store while also allowing you to scale your storefront. There’s no need to “over-purchase” with a tool that does significantly more than you would ever need. Make sure you consider your minimum basic requirements, as well as your short-term and long-term goals. Review your requirements and goals with what the platforms offer in order to make sure they are in alignment. You do not want to have to switch platforms after a few months or even years. 

Your development and technology resources: 

More complete platforms, which are typically higher priced, are designed to minimize the need of a development team. This may make a complete platform a really good fit for you, unless you are technically inclined or have a strong tech support team. However, you may be able to do a lot of set-up and launch yourself with a less complete program; this can save money, but will take more time and expertise. Many marketers benefit from the built-in tech support offered by many platforms, and regardless how complete the the platform is, you’ll want to make sure that it has the level of tech support you need.

Your platform budget:

How much money do you have to spend? We often forget the costs that comes with starting something new, and don’t always have a clear idea of what resources we need to have on hand to get started with a new platform. What is the actual cost of the platform? If technology resources are required, be sure to factor those in to your initial cost, as well as any ongoing maintenance costs.

Your anticipated sales volume: 

Many platforms are designed to manage smaller volumes of sales, while others cater to the needs of those regularly completing large transactions. Ask yourself: Does this platform have the ability to scale and integrate with other products? This is a vital part of keeping costs low and back-end set up minimal. 

What Else Should I Look for in a CRM?

Reporting is a huge asset. Early on, being able to see product tracking & revenue growth is essential for growth. Customer support features will give you a good idea of how your store is performing as well. As you grow, your reporting data will provide key insights into trends, allow you to identify needs, and help you to provide stronger support to your customers. Knowing your numbers can tell you a lot! 

Also, I would recommend that you find a platform which clearly distinguishes between paid, pending, and on-hold shipments. This will make your revenue and margins clearer, which is the key to cash flow management. 

Inventory management is another feature that can be extremely helpful, depending on what you’re selling.

Having a system that allows you to add, forecast, and manage products is a key component when it comes to your ability to build, grow, and scale your business.

What Should You Expect From Your Fulfillment Company? 

Fulfillment of expectations is everything to the customer. In order to see their needs, you should expect your CRM platform to provide yo u with high visibility for all reports within your account. Inventory, shipments, and return information are vital. You’ll also want the platform you use to include a central location for all data, as well as easy access to customer service tools in order to easily manage orders. 

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 Kaleb Mondragon

Kaleb Mondragon
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