Travis Gomez: VP of Business Development, Cambridge Commerce

Travis Gomez: VP of Business Development, Cambridge Commerce

Meet Travis Gomez. He’s the VP of Business Development at Cambridge Commerce. After this interview, he’ll be your new favorite guy.

Travis, tell us about how you got into the direct response industry. 

I started as an intern at my college girlfriend’s father’s company – during that period, we were we spent a lot of time in the e-check business. We were also looking for different markets to try and get some traction. We stumbled into the direct response infomercial space, which was great because that space is quick to test in order to find out if things actually move the needle or not. 

What would you do to help someone starting in e-commerce today? 

I’d be their fan. I’m a fan of each of our clients. I’d work with them to help find the pragmatic solutions that fit their needs. I love spending time with people to help them really understand what their objectives are in both the short term and the long term. I love designing plans and strategies on how to get them from where they’re at now, to where they need to be to get their goals accomplished. 

If somebody was doing an info product before and is now moving to a physical product, what do they need to be looking out for? 

Often what happens is that they begin to scale quickly. You have to keep in mind that once you exceed about $100,000 a month in processing on an aggregated account like stripe or PayPal, your business goes into a different category and will have to be fully underwritten. It’s just like having an actual merchant account, but it’s still Stripe or Paypal’s merchant account, not yours.

They may not have cared when you were running $15,000 a month in sales, but when you start pushing that a quarter-million-dollar mark they’re going to really look at what you’re doing very closely. People think that they can just run anything there, but if you read through their restricted brevity business models, you actually can’t. 

How do your clients know Cambridge is the best option to partner with? 

It’s all in the way that we work with people. We look for vendor partners that have the same type of mentality and values that we have. We look for clients that share the same type of mentality and values as well. When we do that, it’s so much more fun to come to work. 

What does a good partnership in e-commerce look like? 

It’s having somebody who’s helping you walk through what to do in the midst of chaos, or having someone who will tell you honestly, “That’s what I’d choose.” That level of engagement and support is what we look for in our partners – from fulfillment and manufacturers to customer service and media. We want people that think in that same way. A lot of people undervalue service because true service is not just coming back with an answer when someone has questions. It’s anticipating what the need is, which is something we do really well.

Working with Cambridge Commerce, I know that you guys have been an amazing solution for our clients. Let’s touch on being able to work together, as well as being able to help support the back-end for our clients.

I love when the client is able to focus on marketing elements or really key into the way they’re running and operating their business. They shouldn’t have to worry about the vendor and partners, or feel that they’re having to babysit a fulfillment or management company. Getting inventory reports shouldn’t feel stressful!

I’ve had clients who have gotten a product on backorder. They’re waiting for their product to come out, they’ve got orders that are coming in, and they’ve added aside or held transactions. The systems are going to change anyway, and they’re left just hoping it all comes in on time. Those things can get you in a lot of trouble, not to mention how much they frustrate customers. Upset customers inevitably lead to disputes and chargebacks for products that didn’t come on time. This is a nightmare that I’ve seen too many people have to navigate on their own!

Our partnership with ShipOffers makes it so easy – our clients don’t ever have to worry about that entire element of their business. Everything’s taken care of. That’s the kind of partnership we work hard to deliver to our clients, and we love being able to assure them that the back-end of their business operations is in trusted hands.

This has been a great interview; thank you for talking with us.

What makes you so passionate about this?

I still love the marketing side of business. In fact, I’m actually one of the few guys that use my degree. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been doing this for so long, or what. Honestly, I just love it. If I didn’t love what I was doing, I wouldn’t be doing it anymore.

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