we can help you cREATE your next top seller

Excellence In Manufacturing

We offer a wide variety of custom formulation services, including liquids, pills, capsules, tablets, sprays, powders, gels, lotions, lubes, patches, and more. We can recreate an existing formula or work with you to develop a unique product targeted toward your specific needs.

Many of our fulfillment clients have a pre-existing product but still want to take advantage of our pay-as-you-go model and a variety of great up sell products. We can work with you to manufacture your stock formulas and make the switch to ShipOffers a smooth transition.

If there is a product on the market you are interested in making, please send us the details, and we can create it for you. We are happy to offer you suggestions and work with you on your formulation to create the best product and pricing for your needs. In addition to contract manufacturing your product, we can also help you with label and packaging design and provide you with detailed documentation on your formula to help you market and sell your product worldwide.

Let Us Develop A Formula For You

We can develop and produce a considerable volume of high-quality supplements with quick turnaround times and fast delivery. If you can think of a product, we can make it.

Our laboratories adhere to the highest quality regulations to develop the safest and most effective formulas.
ShipOffers is a natural choice when you are looking for quality private labeling or custom manufacturing services.

Our expertise in formulating and contract manufacturing, combined with our dedication to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements, are your assurances of the most excellent products for your customers.